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High Performance Filter HLF

Tradition and innovation are combined in a revolutionary product.


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High performance filter HLF

The company APODIS has been producing filter equipment for machine producers and end customers for over 15 years. We are therefore always being faced with new challenges.

APODIS filter equipment can be used for the most variable processing options and materials, and, therefore, fulfill the most demanding cleanliness specifications and filtration targets, which are often simultaneous with a solution for chip disposal.

The development of the new high performance filters is based on many years of experience with other filter systems. From the very beginning this experience, as well as meeting the needs of our customers, have been integrated into the design.

Tradition and innovation are combined in a revolutionary product. Compact construction with a high filtration performance. Patented solutions for level monitoring and fleece consumption is supplemented by an attractive price-performance ratio.

Patented abrasion and trouble-free sensor, which acoustically monitors the filling level, in even the smallest space.

Intelligent control system for pumps, efficient IE3 engines including frequency converter, which can communicate with all bus systems presently available on the market.

Patented chip discharge system which helps chips and grinding sludge out of the fluid area, consequently increasing service life of the filter fleece.

You can obtain all of these functions in an integrated 4.0 industrial filter system environment including a cooling and magnetic separator on just one square meter surface area.

AFB Sensor

The quality of the filtration is significantly specified by a stable, even liquid column resulting generated hydrostatic pressure. All previous solutions (float guage, optoelectronic sensors etc.) can interfere with the correct monitoring of floating chips, foam formation, oil, for example emulsion mist etc which prevents an optimal filter result.

A reliable, functional solution could be found with the patented AFB sensor (*) An air column produced by the sensor is reflected by the medium and the distance is measured by acoustic pressure – independent of floating chips, foam or mist formation. We can, therefore, keep the liquid column over the filter cake at a constant level and keep the hydrostatic pressure stable.


Chips can be a great challenge in the treatment process. Different machining operations and a wide range of materials can produce chips which cannot be disposed of with classical chip removal, or are difficult to dispose. The high performance filter offers a solution - even for these specifications. We have extended the function of the well-known drum filter with a patented chip discharge system.

At the same time a sophisticated paddle system furthers chip and grinding sludge from the liquid area in the inside of the filter- independent of the fleece tact. The discharge takes place after an individual adjustable, drainage time by a targeted guided scraper which cleans the fleece and blade. This is ideal for the disposal of light, turning and milling chips as well as grinding sludge. In combination with a cutter pump and with precise applications, even the use of a chip conveyor can become unnecessary.

HLF Späneaustrag


Pumps are the „work machines“ in every system. The demand orientated design and function determines the performance and efficiency of filter equipment. We therefore place emphasis on using only high quality renowned producers in combination with intelligent and innovative control and controller software.

  • Modern intelligent control pumps and different valve designs, extendable multi-pump systems.
  • Premium efficient engines IE3 according to IEC 60034-30 including frequency converter for pressure or flow rate value.
  • All bus systems are analogue or digital signal transfer, and, therefore, they can be integrated into the industry 4.0 environment.
  • Communication with tool machines in the production control system or the superior maintenance management system.

maintenance concept
maintenance concept

A filter system may not negatively influence the utilization and performance rate of a machine. Even during the construction phase we considered the simplest maintenance and cleaning of the high performance filter.

All tanks are therefore equipped with large, sealed, cleaning covers. The plug-on unit can be changed by dismantling two screws, additionally a fleece insertion tool, a conveyor belt and discharge paddles are all easily accessible due to the removable covers.

Abmessung 1
Abmessung 2
TypeFlowrate (l/min)
Emulsion 1 mm²/s
APODIS High performance filter fleece
Flowrate (l/min)
Oil < 10mm²/s 20°
APODIS High performance filter fleece
HLF 100 10060 775546268828 1045489446390
HLF 250 250150 775546268828 1045869826770
HLF 400 400240 9707413701146 1375869826770
HLF 800 800480 12259964971401 1630935826770
HLF 1200 1200720 12259964971401 1630119010801205
HLF 1800 18001080 12259964971401 1630169515801525

Measurement 1
Measurement 2
Net capacity container (l)Suitable for filter HLF ABCDE
650100 / 2507001008001500800
990100 / 2508001009001700900
1500250 / 40085010095020001100
2500400 / 8001000100110024001200
4000800 / 12001000100110030001500
6000800 / 12001000100110035002000
100001200 / 18001000100110060002000

Standard-tanks in different sizes

Configure your individual filter equipment on the basis of our tried and tested modular construction system as high performance filters and tanks.

Whether you want more capacity for an integrated cleaning tank, or you would like optional medium cooling, or an additional by-pass filtration – no problem. With a tank volume of 100 to 10,000 litres you will find the right tank for your use!

HLF with Tank
HLF with Tank

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