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Painter painting a car

The APODIS glass fibre mats paint-stop separates paint mist from the exhaust whereby exhaust ducts, fans and engines are protected against paint mist deposits.

The low compressibility of the randomly stored glass fibres prevents compression of the medium in a pressurised state and encourages a very high separating efficiency.

Application areas

Separates paint mist from exhausted air. Thereby, exhaust air channels, fans and motors are protected from paint deposits. For identification reasons, the dust air side is coloured.

  • in the automotive industry
  • in manufacturing plants for furniture, windows, machines etc.

Material characteristics

  • temperature resistant up to max. 180°C
  • contains no silicone or other lacquer harming substances
Glass Fibre Mats Paint-Stop as Rollware
Standard Glass Fibre Mats Paint-Stop
Product Filter class Material thickness approx. Length in m Width in mm *
AP PS 70G3/EU37020between 500 - 1500

Further dimensions on request.

*The lacquer separation arrestance depends on the kind of lacquer, ink mist or environmental conditions like temperature or pressure in paint cabin.

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