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clamping pressure adjustment

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Industry 4.0 next generation begins

Next level APO.DRIVE

With the APO.DRIVE, the hydraulic clamping pressure will adapted also automated during machining and take your process to a new level without high costs. CNC machines are optimized quickly and easily in terms of costs, efficiency and production reliability. This opens up new opportunities for machine builders and operators.

The benefits – Fast, simple, effective

Achieve more- and at the same time reduce effort and user complexity: APO.Drive is a Ready-To-Use solution which enables the optimization of CNC machines regardless of the manufacturer with minimum effort.

New: Faster commissioning

Integration is now even simpler: The APO.DRIVE enables a standard system support – regardless of the manufacturer.

Machines that already have an IO-Link Topography are at an advantage. This means you can integrate the APO.DRIVE system in even less time.

APO.DRIVE goes IO-Link

The IO-Link compatibility of the pressure sensor technology allows direct integration of the APO.DRIVE system and provides the future specification for standard communication.

No IO-LINK? No problem!

With an analogue pressure sensor, the APO.DRIVE works at the same efficiency level.

APO.DRIVE + Reversing pole switch

= Automates Clamping Pressure Adjustment


Time saved for clamping
pressure adjustment*
= higher number of parts


Energy savings*


Overall cost


Innovation Technologies
Thanks to APO.DRIVE we have substantially increased our productivity from the first installation onwards. A positive side effect is, of course, highcost savings.
T. Jeners, Team leader- Market leader automotive supplier.


  • Retrofitting with little effort
  • Accurate clamping pressure adjustment
  • Low installation costs
  • Very high compatibility
  • IO-Link based communication possible
  APO.DRIVE Market Competitors
Energy requirements < 20 W > 2350 W
Pressure range 0,5 – 210 bar 10 – 100 bar
Control system 24 V Reversing pole switch Steuerkarte & Inbetriebnahme
Reference not necessary necessary
Emergency adjustment
Service Plug & Play Referencing necessary
Active pressure control

Increase efficiency

Increased productivity

< 25 %

Cost reduction

Electricity cost reducation

783 € // Year
1.566 € // Year
2.359 € // Year

Optimize resources

Active Forest protection

9.650 m²
19.300 m²
29.350 m²

CO² reduction

Reduction of CO² values

1,84 t // Year
3,68 t // Year
5,52 t // Year

Technical Data



APO.DRIVE medium




Product measurements Ø 45 mm x 160 mm Ø 45 mm x 160 mm Ø 45 mm X 200 mm
Material Anodized aluminium alloy
Nominal voltage 24 VDC
Nominal current ≤ 85 mA ≤250 mA ≤ 1050 mA
Starting current 1.1 A 1.1 A 8.3 A
Output power 4.0 W 4.0 W 19.0 W
Electrical connection M12x1
Max Pump- & Adjustmentpressure 80 bar 100 bar 200 bar
Adjustment velocity pressure reduction valve
80 bar
100 bar
210 bar
1 bar 10 bar
0,28 s 2,80 s
0,14 s 1,40 s
0,10 s 1,00 s
1 bar 10 bar
0,54 s 5,40 s
0,27 s 2,70 s
0,19 s 1,90 s
1 bar 10 bar
0,23 s 2,30 s
0,12 s 1,20 s
0,08 s 0,80 s

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