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Painter painting a bus

APODIS fine dust filter mats are used mostly in the end filtration of air supply for paints and coatings industrial equipment. Furthermore, they can be used in different applications e.g. air conditioning equipment, in industrial branches with a high fine dust concentration or with air containing oil.

Application areas

  • for general industrial paintings (AP 300 S, AP 400 S)
  • for painting and paint-spraying units (AP 500 S, AP 600 G)

Material characteristics

  • tested according to DIN EN 779
  • Fire prevention: requirements according to DIN 53438-3, F1
  • humidity resistant up to 100% r.h.
  • temperature resistant up to max. 80°C
  • contains no silicone or other lacquer harming substances
Fine dust filter mats as blank
Chart Fine dust filter mats Initial pressure and volume flow
Standard fine dust filter mats (Rollware)
Product Filter class Material thickness approx. Dimensions in m
AP 300 SM5/EU51520 x 2
AP 400 SM5/EU52020 x 2
AP 500 SM5/EU52520 x 2
AP 560 GM5/EU51920 x 2
AP V5micronM6/EU62520 x 2
AP 600 GM5/EU52520 x 2
AP GV 180 GM5/EU51910 x 1,5
AP GV 180 KM5/EU51910 x 1,5

Cut to size: max. length 10 m, max. width 2,30 m

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