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Filter fleeces

APODIS filter fleeces separating solids from process liquids such as oil and coolants, and are mainly used in machining, such as grinding, milling, turning, boring and honing.

Filter Bags

APODIS filter bags are suitable because of their high dirt absorption capacity and are excellent for retaining high particle concentration. Our filter bags are produced from needle felt fleece as well as fibres in a total of 21 different kinds of fineness.

Filter Cartridges

With our wide range of industrial filter cartridges we enable our customers a large amount of flexibility in connection with the finest filtration of process fluids. APODIS filter cartridges are made of the highest quality materials and guarantee an effective filtration.

Coarse dust filter mats

APODIS coarse dust filter mats are used for prefiltration of the supply air in all kinds of air-conditioning systems. They are made of break-resistant synthetic polyester fibers and are roughed according to DIN EN 779.

Fine dust filter mats

APODIS fine dust filter mats are mainly used for final filtration of the supply air in paint booths and paint spraying systems. In addition, however, they can also be used in industrial branches with a high fine dust concentration or oil-containing air.

Glass Fibre Mats Paint-Stop

APODIS Glass Fibre Mats Paint-Stop separates paint mist from the exhaust whereby exhaust ducts, fans and engines are protected against paint mist deposits.

HEPA Filter

High efficiency particulate air filter (HEPA) are used mostly in clean rooms of medical research institutes, in the chemical and pharmaceutical industry as well as in nuclear technology.

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