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APODIS Central systems

We offer system solutions for the central oil and coolant processing.


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When cooling lubricants or oils have to be transported to a central point, processing system solutions are necessary. We offer you all necessary services ranging from project planning to production, as well as commissioning and maintainance from a single source.

Our central systems are distinguished by a high filtration performance as well as a high cleanliness levels. Additionally, all equipment is consistently installed redundant of each other. If one of the power units fails, the supply to the tool machine is nevertheless given at all times.

We also offer you central systems as aid free backwashing equipment. Alternatively, you can choose filter aids such as filter fleece, filter candles and filter bags. An automatic sludge discharge system , a chip extraction or a chip press can be easily integrated into the system.

Furthermore, as with all project planning - high quality, low operating expenses, reliability and economy consistently remain our priorities.

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