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High performance filter HLF

Tradition and innovation are combined in a revolutionary product. Compact construction with a high filtration performance.

Deep Bed Filter TBFA

The compact construction, the vast flow rate and the effective filtration result won´t fail to convince you!

Central systems

When cooling lubricants or oils have to be transported to a central point, we offer you the processing system solutions.

Apollo Ultraclean AUC

A mobile filter system for the absolute filtration of cooling lubricants and oils in bypass or full flow.

Chip conveyors

Scraper belt and Strap hinge conveyors for every chip size. Efficient chip discharge - compact, modular and robust.

Magnetic separators

Magnetic separators are used for continual, fully automatic cleaning of ferromagnetic materials fluid medium.

Oil Skimmer

Oil skimmer enable you an easy, continuous and reliable care of your cooling lubricant.

Lubricant aerator

With the help of a lubricant aerator the cooling lubricant is enriched with oxygen by means of a ceramic aeration diffuser.


With the automated clamping pressure adjustment, CNC machines are quickly and easily optimized in terms of resources, efficiency and production reliability.

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