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Intelligent solution for clean surgery room air

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As a specialist for ventilation and air conditioning systems, APODIS Medical GmbH has been developing systems for more than 20 years with a focus on the reduction and elimination of microbial contamination and the highest possible purity of room air in compliance with the required target values in operating and procedure rooms, preparation rooms and intensive care units.

The innovation award-winning AIR DIAMOND forms the backbone of operating and procedure rooms in medical facilities. With its high performance, it meets room classify 1b according to DIN 1946-4 // VDI 6022 and benefits from optimal upgrade & retrofit conditions.

Surgery room air

DIN 1946-4 // VDI 6022
Room-Classification 1b


Healthcare Sector - 1. Place


Antimicrobial filter coating

AIR DIAMOND Surgery room air filter

More than only medical clean air

Specialist clinics an doctors

No requirements are too complex when it comes to health, medical safety and related individual space requirements. The innovative development of the AIR DIAMOND is based on the individual demands of doctors, hygienists as well as the requirements of procedure & operating rooms with the highest safety standards.

Sterile Supply

The filter classes and additional safety levels installed in the AIR DIAMOND ensure that even prolonged exposure of open sterile supplies in the procedure room is ensured.

Surgery under sedation

If surgery is carried out under sedation or general anaesthetic, then a recovery or restroom must be planned after the operation. This is where the AIR DIAMOND can serve the adjacent rooms sufficiently including the fresh air supply.

Surgery rooms and interventional rooms

Due to the high risk of contamination, medical facilities must be prevented from being besieged with bacteria as well as viruses and from spreading. By multiple removal of harmful aerosols, the requirements for according to DIN 1946-4 are met.


Intelligent Solutions for pure surgical room air

The AIR DIAMOND ensures a constant climate through automated temperature control, effectively removes suspended particles and prevents the penetration of microorganisms through its overpressure generated in the room.

Holistic, optimal solution with achievement of the required particle and germ counts according to standards:

DIN 1946-4 // VDI 6022

The backbone of the AIR DIAMONDair handling unit is the inhouse developed filter system, the latest generation of technologies and the medically optimized material composition.

Due to the decentralized installation, in the corner of the room on only 1,3 m², the AIR DIAMOND does not require additional ventilation ducts or a separate technical room.

  • Recovery-Test Hight

    *Depending on room conditions

  • Coanda Airflow technology

  • Guaranteed commissioning by a hygienist

  • Elimination of viruses & bacteria

  • Reduction of heating costs

Hygiene & Conditionn

The self-supporting frame & housing construction is made of anodized aluminum and offers an all-around protected smooth surface. The AIR DIAMOND adapts individually to the required ceiling height according to configuration.

Safety for doctors, specialists and patients

Thanks to the coordinated air and climate concept, as well as the easy-to-clean surfaces, the AIR DIAMOND meets the required medical standards.

DIN 1946-4 / VDI 6022 / Room-Classification 1b

Pollutants do not get a surface

The surface finish is subject to complex medical requirements. Basic points such as longevity, low cleaning requirements, weather resistance (non-rusting), space-saving and visually appealing, are elementary and given for every design.

Individually tailored

Tailored to your spatial conditions and requirements, the devices are individually manufactured by our specialists in our factory in Germany and installed at your site.

More than only medical clean air

AIR DIAMOND Coanda Effekt

Strength of physics optimal airflow

The Coanda Effect

A small distance between the air outlet and the boundary surface creates a vacuum between the inflow and the ceiling. This causes a deflection of the flow upwards and adheres to the bottom of the ceiling.

Consequently, the distance of force expands and the incoming air can be distributed better and only sinks slowly into the room. This effect not only ensures draught-free operation but also prevents surgical flue gases or particles of the surgical team from being flushed into the situs.

  • Consistent air circulation
  • Incoming air slowly descends into the room
  • Air draught is avoided
  • Laminar flow
  • Without turbulence and cross-currents
  • No swirling of particles // gases
Innovationspreis Platz 1

Tech High-Lights

  • High-end technology from Germany
  • Fan/ventilators with CE-external rotor motors of the newest technological generation
  • Fast delivery of parts/ warehousing in Germany
  • Commissioning within 2-3 days possible
  • Fully automated air conditioning
  • Fully automated filter status
  • Low installation costs & installation times
  • Connection of the AIR DIAMOND controls in the existing intranet is possible
  • Zeolite and silver-ion coated interior
  • Patented SEPA.TEX coated filter
  • Material & technology for sterile interaction and function

Your planning our promise

AIR DIAMOND Auszeichnung

Product with distinction

The AIR DIAMOND is not only known for its long-term use and its established good reputation - formerly Klimaecke / Klima Diamant. With the 1st place as the most innovative product in the healthcare sector, awarded by Senetics, the device forms a fundamental building block for medical room air technology for upgrades & retrofits.

AIR DIAMOND Auszeichnung

Great performance in a small space

The AIR DIAMOND adapts individually to the required height dimension of your premises and, with its integrated technology, takes up a minimum of space on only 1.3 m². This means that no no additional ventilation ducts or separate technical rooms are required.

AIR DIAMOND Auszeichnung

Energy-efficient and sustainable

The installed technology of the AIR DIAMOND is kept up to date by continuous development. The heating or cooling of the rooms made possible by the heat pump, avoids unnecessary energy consumption and reduces the associated costs.

AIR DIAMOND Auszeichnung

Quick installation

With the inspection of your premises by our service staff at your site, installation is possible within a very short time. Depending on the room, the device can be set up within 2-3 days, thus avoiding long downtimes.

AIR DIAMOND Auszeichnung

Service & Maintenance

The service and maintenance contract offers an “all-round carefree package”. With forethought, we undertake the service overview and scheduling for you. Our specialists for clean air technological devices (RLT) are at your disposal, from the installation to the service and maintenance of the devices. Besides this individually customized maintenance contract, you profit additionally from our 10-year device warranty.

AIR DIAMOND Auszeichnung

Acceptance by Hygienist

In connection with the installation, in consultation with you, we arrange the recovery test appointment (recovery time measurement), which is carried out by an independent specialist in technical hygiene in healthcare.

AIR DIAMOND Auszeichnung

Fixed price guarantee

We also want to be completely transparent when it comes to prices and guarantee our customers a fixed price with no hidden or subsequent costs. The AIR DIAMOND offers full planning security - from ordering to installation and commissioning.

20 Years

10 Years



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