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With the help of a lubricant aerator the cooling lubricant is enriched with oxygen by means of a ceramic aeration diffuser. At the same time the boost of oil and dirt particles is increased. It is therefore not possible for the oil film on the surface to close, which prevents an airtight closure of the cooling lubricant and the increase of bacteria and fungi.

The suspended solids can be removed easily with an oil skimmer. In this way the efficiency of your cooling lubricant increases, as well as the life time of your tools and machines and the health of your employees.

  • compact design
  • easy, unproblematic installation
  • fully automatic operation
  • Oxygenation of your cooling lubricant
  • prevents microbial growth
  • life of the cooling lubricant is considerably increased

TypeAB 50
Performance5,5 l/min
Pressure>0,025 Mpa
Ceramic air diffuser2 Piece
Air line length2 x 5 m
MaterialPainted sheet steel
Electrical connection230 V / 50 Hz / 6,5 W
Weightca. 2kg
A / B / C104 / 162 / 55 mm

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