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Deep filtrationDeep filtration

The Differences between the Surface and Deep filtration


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Deep filtration fleece

as a cross-section


The asymmetrical pore-microstructure offers a wide grain size spectrum as well as advantages regarding throughput and filter life.

Deep filtration effect

With our 3D & 4D filter fleeces you utilize the whole depth of the filter medium. This increases the separation efficiency considerably!

During deep filtration „3D & 4D filtration“ the filter effect follows mostly mechanically and adsorptively by filtration on the inside of the filter medium. Depending on the construction and deepness of the filter medium, a very high part of the solid particles are retained, which possibly due to the geometrical size ratio, could easily pass through the filter medium. 3D & 4D filters contain many possible deposit areas for the separating particle within the filter medium. They therefore show a high separator efficiency.

Surface filtration 2D Standardfiltration

Surface filtration


Surface filtration


Deep filtration 3D & 4D Filtration

Deep filtration


Deep filtration


Effective filtration means „the longer the medium remains on the fleece, the higher the formation of the filtercake and consequently, the better the filtration is“!

However, this is only possible with a perfect matching of filter fleece, filter equipment and flow rate. More often than not, it is exactly these basic conditions for effective filtration which are not fullfilled.

A lot of filter equipment has a filter bed which is too flat which means insufficient hydrostatic pressure can be built up.

Filter equipment is very often undersized in relation to the volume flow. Consequently, conventional fleece has no time to absorb a lot of dirt particles.

With our newly developed 4D filter fleeces - filter equipment, filter surface and flow rate no longer need to be taken into consideration.

This special homogenous micro fibre structure and the multiple layered, cross-lapped tissue of this kind of filter enable an extremely high dirt absorbtion - even with a high flow rate and smaller filter surface.

2D Filtration

2D Filtervlies

During 2D filtration, the filtration effect takes place only on the surface of the filter fleece.

This kind of filtration is unsuitable for ultra-fine filtration, but offers an economical filtration solution for use with very coarse chips or as coarse pre-filtration.

  • for coarse chips
  • Surface filtration
  • unsuitable for deep filtration

3D Filtration

3D Filtervlies

During 3D filtration the filter effect takes place firstly inside the filter medium and then on the surface by the formation of a filter cake.

Due to the special fibre structure the flow capacity of the cooling lubricant is maintained. The filter fleece is only transported after the formation of a filter cake.

  • for increased contamination
  • Deep filtration
  • for use with high volume flow
  • multilayered, needle punched fibre structure

4D Filtration

4D Filtervlies

With regard to 4D filtration the filter fleece comprises 40% more micro fibres which are multilayered, cross layered and needle punched together.

Due to the special homogenous fibre structure, the 4D Filter fleece is particulary suitable for high volume flow and filter equipment with a smaller filter surface. The filter fleece has more time for the removal of solids and additionally offers a higher tool life.

  • for extremely high contamination
  • Deep filtration
  • for use with extremely high volume flow
  • multilayered, needle punched, cross layered fibre structure
  • 40% more microfibres in comparison to 3D filter fleeces
  • ideal for small filter surfaces
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The Next Filter-Generation

Our range of filter fleeces comprises two kinds of fleece with many different degrees of finess. This wide product range means we can offer you the most effective, and, above all, the most economical kind of filter fleece even for quite difficult applications.
  • for difficult materials
  • for a high increase in contamination
  • ideal for smaller filter surfaces
  • for extremely high volume flow
4D multicomponent-microfiber fleece

4D multicomponent-microfiber fleece

Fibers Microfibers
Fiber composition 90% Polyester 10% BiCo
Solidification needled / thermally consolidated
Fiber structure multilayered / cross layered
Binder no binder
Filtration type Deep filtration
4D Polyester-microfiber fleece

4D Polyester-microfiber fleece

Fibers Microfibers
Fiber composition 100% Polyester
Solidification waterjet solidified
Fiber structure multilayered / cross layered
Binder no binder
Filtration type Deep filtration
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