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Apollo Ultraclean

While everyone is talking about absolute filtration, we offer you the solution!


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More than 90% of the metal processing companies are not aware how high the financial damage is as a result of defective filtration.

We are talking here in terms of € 5,000 to € 10,000 per year and per machine! When processing metal, fine particles < 3 µm occur which cannot be collected by conventional filter systems.

However, it is exactly these fine particles which cause the most damage to components, emulsions and oils.

Expensive maintenance and replacements of machine lines, breakdowns of high-quality pumps, considerable shortened tool life along with high reject rates, as well as frequent changes and cleaning intervals of your emulsions and equipment are the consequences.

That is why we have given a great deal of thought to this situation and developed a mobile filter system for you.

This filter system enables you to free your equipment from these particles, flexibly and reasonably. You prevent damage due to fine particles and therefore boost your process safety, quality and not least your competitive position.


  • Mobile fine filter system for full flow or bypass filtration!
  • Filter your process fluids before you have to replace them at high expense!
  • Protect your machine components from fine particles!
  • Pour your used liquids easily and directly from the machine into barrels!
  • Easy operation and little maintenance!
  • No expensive filter cartridges or fragile filter elements!

Available now as a service!

We will come to your company and release your cooling lubricant, oil or washing liquids from fine particles in bypass with our mobile filter system. No high investment costs, flexible and good value. Let us make you an individual service offer!

TypeApollo Ultraclean
Performance80 l/min ca. 5 m³/h
A / B / C1257 / 610 / 1489 mm
Material „frame“Stainless steel 304
Filter housing2 Pieces
Pump1 Piece
Filtration with one filter housing
Filtration with two filter housings simultaneously
Cascade filtration with different filtration finenesses
Coolant pump off
Weightca. 185 kg

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