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Three different filter cartridges

With our wide range of industrial filter cartridges we enable our customers a large amount of flexibility in connection with the finest filtration of process fluids.

APODIS filter cartridges are made of the highest quality materials and guarantee an effective, straightforward cost saving filtration solution even with difficult industrial applications.

Application areas

  • Metal processing industry
  • Paints and coatings industry
  • Water processing
  • Chemical / Pharmaceutical industry
  • Electroplating / Surface technology
  • Beverage- and food industry
  • Environmental technology
Three different filter cartridges


Our range of filter cartridges comprise the most diverse implementations for all industrial applications.

Choose between coiled, melt blown, pleated or membrane filter cartridges with a filter fineness of 0,2 µm - 150 µm. Possible filter materials are available in polypropylene, polyethersulfone, nylon and also mixed fibres made of polypropylene, cotton and glass fibres. Exact fit to all regular lengths and adjustments.

Our special deep filter cartridges offer a large filter area with a small overall size and are distinguished by their absolute high separation efficiency.

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