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Deep Bed Filter TBFA

More than 20 years of filtration technology are combined in unique filter equipment.


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Throughout our many years of experience in filtration equipment, it has become apparent that „The longer the medium remains on the fleece the higher the filter cake builds up and therefore the better the filtration is!“

However, this is only possible with filter equipment which has a high water level, allowing the building up of high hydrostatic pressure.

Based on these findings we have developed filter equipment with a very deep filter bed that makes a water level of up to 200 mm possible.

Furthermore, in combination with our innovative 3D high performance filter fleece, we can guarantee (even when there is a small filter surface), a high flow rate of the medium and therefore fulfill all conditions for efficient and most effective filtration.

The compact construction, the vast flow rate and the effective filtration result won´t fail to convince you!

Standard flat bed filter

APODIS deep bed filter TBFA

    compact structure
    deep filter bed
    high hydrostatic pressure
    high flow rate
    long filter fleece life-time
    lower coolant lubrication output
    attractive prices

As a result of the deeper filter bed there is higher hydrostatic pressure. This causes the filtered solids to be pressed in the filter fleece.

A homogeneous filter cake is formed which demonstrates an additional filter effect and also keeps the finest abrasive particles back.

By means of the extended and specially calculated gradient angle of drainage, the filter fleece has enough time to drain and unnecessary coolant lubrication discharge is avoided.

In comparison to conventional slant-bed filters the angle is calculated so that it is not possible for the filter cake to slip down. This results in the discharge of a dry filter cake.

AFB Sensor

Via a pneumatic connection, a minimal amount of compressed air is continually transported through the sensor housing. The compressed air supply and electrical control independently transfer the optimized drive technology. Therefore, no separate compressed air pressure is necessary.

The compressed air supply is subsequently channelled on to a level tube of the sensor. In the sensor housing a microphone with membrane is built in, which recognizes if the level tube is immersed into a liquid medium.

This revolutionary and patented sensor technology can differentiate between fluids and accumulated cooling lubrication foam and is absolutely trouble-free against sludge deposits on the sensor.

3D Filtration

An unbeatable team

In combination with our innovative 3D high performance filter fleece you exploit the whole potential of the APODIS deep-bed filter.


Relieving your machine components!

The finest particles are the most common reasons for faulty tools, pump failures, wear of pipes and a bad surface quality of work pieces.

The APODIS deep bed filter TBFA was conceived especially for the filtration of these finest particles. It first releases its full performance potential when using the APODIS 3D and 4D high performance filter fleeces.

By means of the fine micro fibres and their unique interweaving, the solid matter settles firstly on the inside, and then on the surface of the filter fleece.

A filter cake is formed, acting at the same time as an additional fine filter retaining the damaging fine particles.

Abmessung 1
Abmessung 2
TypePerformanceABC *techn. drawing
TBFA 15 15 - 30 l/min 1050 mm 490 mm 570 mm TBFA 15 (970 KB)
TBFA 30 30 - 50 l/min 1200 mm 610 mm 690 mm TBFA 30 (1.69 MB)
TBFA 50 50 - 80 l/min 1450 mm 610 mm 690 mm TBFA 50 (1.49 MB)
TBFA 80 80 - 100 l/min 1700 mm 610 mm 680 mm TBFA 80 (1.64 MB)
TBFA 100 100 - 120 l/min 1450 mm 880 mm 690 mm TBFA 100 (1.58 MB)
TBFA 120 120 - 150 l/min 1700 mm 880 mm 690 mm TBFA 120 (1.54 MB)
TBFA 150 150 - 180 l/min 1950 mm 880 mm 690 mm TBFA 150 (1.45 MB)
TBFA 200 200 - 250 l/min 1950 mm 1130 mm 690 mm TBFA 200 (1.39 MB)


Choose from different configuration possibilities

The APODIS deep-bed filter TBFA has proven to be a high performance filter system even as standard equipment. Modern sensor technology, effective fleece control and an optimized drive are all included in standard equipment.

To round up your deep-bed filter performance package, a variety of additional components are at your disposal.

Control box

Choice of 1x 230 V - 50 Hz or 3x 400 V - 50 Hz connection.


Protects your filter fleece and prevents external contamination entering.

Tank on wheels

Fitted with 4 lightweight rollers which can be used flexibly on your deep-bed filter.

Magnetic pre-separator

Separate rough ferromagnetic contamination in the preliminary stages.


For recirculation of the filtered medium.

Colour and design

Choose from sheet steel with RAL paint or entirely in stainless steel.

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