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Coolant lubrication is a highly complex topic whereby the smallest interference in the coolant lubrication circuit can mean not only decisive disadvantages but also advantages for production. The focus of our process optimization pays particular attention to economic efficiency, process safety and sustainability.

Economic efficiency

Coolant lubrication related costs account for up to 15% of the actual production costs!

Many users are unaware that supply costs of the coolant lubrication are entered into general production costs and there is no extra cost center for it.

By carrying out an analysis on your existing filter equipment and coolant lubrication, we can quickly demonstrate where exactly your savings potential lie.

Process safety

Abrasive solid substances in the coolant lubrication circuit are the main reasons for pipe-line damage and the breakdown of pumps and tools.

The results are high machine downtimes and an interruption of the production chain.

With the help of the most modern filter equipment and innovative filter tools we can eliminate these interferences and quite considerably increase your process safety.


Production processes are changing: Where today tool steel is still milled, tomorrow carbide will be ground.

The peripheral equipment and the use of filter aids for coolant lubrication must never be overlooked.

As a competent partner we will continue to support you regularly after successful optimization, as a matter of course.

Our applications consultant will come to your production and have a look at all the process relevant components in connection with machining equipment.

We make an evaluation of the situation, and where appropriate, take a sample of the cooling lubricant to identify the „is“ state of your cooling lubricant filtration and its components.

On the basis of the identified data we can quickly determine where there is a need for optimization and possible potential savings. Following this we can make an individual optimizing concept with you.

We will send you a comprehensive process optimization with additional options such as a comparison report, particle analysis, trend charts, savings calculations etc. as a breakdown of a „before“ and „after“ comparison.

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